Are your channels high quality and legit?

The stock of these high-quality channels is very limited since it’s the unique collection of self-grown channels.
I own them for years and all the important stats such as channel watch time, subscribers count and channel watch time hours will not drop since they were gained by the account a very long time ago. (2 years +)

We do provide exact channel stats for each account. Screenshots from the youtube studio page with the exact account stats are visible on the products page

What is the delivery time?
Delivery time takes up to 24 hours.

What about the refunds?
No refund will be given once accounts are delivered.

What payment method can I use?

BTC only.

Do you provide monetized channels?

We do not provide monetized channels.

How can I contact you?

skype: live.pvafun
email: support@pvafun.com